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PLUS+1® Compliance


PLUS+1® Compliance ties our advanced control technology together - ensuring all our electrohydraulic products integrate seamlessly in the customized control system developed using PLUS+1 GUIDE.

PLUS+1 Compliance maximizes machine productivity and operator comfort via a smooth, highly responsive control system.

Using the Danfoss Power Solutions’ PLUS+1 GUIDE programming environment and  Comatrol’s PLUS+1 Compliant products, you can develop customized controls faster than ever before. PLUS+1 is the recommended way to higher performance, longer service life and lower costs.

You can be certain a product with the PLUS+1 Compliant Icon, has been tested with other PLUS+1 Compliant products and PLUS+1 GUIDE Compliance Block software modules, assuring optimum performance.


PLUS+1 Control Platform Sales Brochure (PDF 2 MB)


Features & Benefits

  • Rapid application development from concept to optimized control system.
  • Validated component software blocks for vastly reduced vehicle testing time, responsive controls and reduced project risk.
  • PLUS+1 GUIDE programming environment for customized vehicle design

PLUS+1 Compliant Products

  • Compliant components, such as solenoid and proportional valves, come with functional software blocks that can be dragged, dropped and connected when developing a customized control system in PLUS+1 GUIDE.
  • Programmable Compliance Blocks for microcontrollers, displays and PLUS+1 Inverters allow complete applications to be developed in PLUS+1 GUIDE.

PLUS+1 is a trademark of Danfoss Power Solutions

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