CP311-4 Logic Element
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The CP311-4 is a 12-size, flow control, priority type pressure compensator. Priority-type pressure compensators are four-ported valves that work in series with a fixed or variable control orifice. As with the restrictive-type valves, these valves maintain a constant pressure differential across the control orifice. However, rather than restricting flow when the differential pressure becomes too high, the priority-type pressure compensators open a fourth bypass port for all flow in excess of that demanded by the control orifice. Note that if the bypass port is blocked, the valve will function as a restrictive-type pressure compensator.




Common applications include any circuit that requires compensated priority flow going to one actuator (for example, steering or charge pressure to a hydrostatic pump), and a the remaining going to a secondary function (for example, a fan motor). Pressure compensators offer the circuit designer capability to add pressure compensation to any fixed or variable orifice. This ensures that flow, and resulting actuator speed, are maintained regardless of system and working pressures




Rated Pressure       210 bar [3045 psi]
Rated Flow at 7 bar
[100 psi]

60 l/min
[16 US gal/min]    

Weight   0.31 kg [0.69 lb]
Cavity   CP12-4




Performance Curve






Example Circuit




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Download this file (CP311-4 - 3D STP Files.zip)CP311-4 - 3D STP Files.zip66 kB01-22-2014
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