CP313-6 Logic Element
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The CP313-6 is a 20-size, load sense, priority, static, pressure compensator.  The valve will provide on-demand priority flow to port 2 in the required amount (dependent on the load sense pressure on port 1), allowing the excess flow to go to auxiliary functions through port 3.




Common applications include steering circuits that require pre-compensated, priority flow to go to the steering system, and the excess flow will go to an auxiliary function, like a fan motor.  To obtain dynamic load sensing (priority type pre-comp) add in orifice between ports 2 and 1 in the manifold. This provides faster response and is commonly used in steering to flush out LS line. See Circuit Example.





Rated Pressure       210 bar [3045 psi]
Rated Flow at 7 bar
[100 psi]

200 l/min
[53 US gal/min]    

Weight   1.33 kg [2.93 lb]
Cavity   SDC20-4



Performance Curve






Example Circuit


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