MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 Motor Mount HIC
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This is a single counterbalance HIC (on B port) that mounts to OMT motors with BSP porting.









Rated Pressure 210 bar [3045 psi]
Rated flow at 22 bar [319 psi] 115 l/min
[30 US gal/min]
Leakage 10 drops/min @ at 70% of crack pressure
Weight 2.20 kg [4.85 lb]
Pilot Ratio 3:0:1, 4.5:1, 10.0:1
Cartridge CP441-1
Plug CP12-V-3S-B1
Service Mount Kit 11023871
Motor OMT
MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 schematic
MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 schematic




Performance Curves

MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 performance
MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 performance




Ordering Information

MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 ordering
MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 ordering



Product Documents and Downloads
Download this file (MM-OMT-00-BCP441 - 3D STP - 3D STP Files.zip225 kB02-24-2014
Download this file (MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 Catalog Page.pdf)MM-OMT-00-BCP441-1 Catalog Page.pdf150 kB04-15-2015
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