SVP08-CDB Solenoid Valve
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This is a normally-closed, double-blocking poppet-type, 2 position, 08-size solenoid valve. When de-energized, the SVP08-CDB blocks flow in both directions. When energized, the valve’s poppet lifts and allows flow from port 2 to port 1, and from port 1 to port 2. This valve comes standard with a push-pin type manual override.











Shown with filter option


The SVP08-CDB is designed for low leakage applications and can be used to control the advance and retract of single acting and double acting cylinders. The valve can also be used to lock pressure in a group of cylinders.





Rated Presssure 230 bar [3300 psi]
Rated flow at 7 bar
[100 psi]
16 l/min
[4 US gal/min]
Leakage 6 drops/min @
Rated pressure
Weight 0.32 kg [0.71 lb]
Cavity SDC08-2
Standard Coil M13 20 Watt
Robust Coil R13 16 Watt
Robust Nut P/N 173800539
(no coil O-rings needed)


Performance Curve 




Example Circuits



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Download this file (SVP08-CDB - 3D STP - 3D STP Files.zip30 kB01-16-2014
Download this file (SVP08-CDB Catalog Page.pdf)SVP08-CDB Catalog Page.pdf741 kB05-14-2015

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